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The classic C4 primary dive light has received a major upgrade in this L2 model, increasing the lumen output up to 1000 lumens.

The light uses airline-safe Nickel metal hydride batteries, which can be shipped in your luggage, unlike lithium batteries, which must be kept in the cabin during travel. This makes the rechargeable C4 perfect for travelling.


Model: C4 eLED - L2 Rechargeable

Dimensions: (L W H in/cm): 6.80 x 5.60 x 3.20 in / 17.27 x 14.22 x 8.13 cm

Battery Type: NiMH Rechargeable

Lamp Type: eLED

Lumens: 1,000 (high) / 450 (low)

Burn Time (hr): 1.1 (high) / 4 (low)


Depth Rating: 500.00 ft 150 m


• Dual power mode allows for saving battery when not as much light is needed

• Rechargeable NiMH battery is airline safe in carry-on and checked luggage

• Battery lasts up to 10 years with proper care

• 89% of beam lumens in center beam means no lost light to stray light and less backscatter

• Tough composite body - will not corrode

• Pistol grip for comfortable hold

• New tough rubber bezel protects against impact

• Lumen booster technology improves LED efficiency by pulling heat away from the LEDs

UK - C4 ELED (L2)

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