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About Suunto DX Wrist Computer with USB and Rubber Strap, Silver

The Suunto DX is built on the award-winning Suunto D9tx design and is the ultimate tool for open-circuit and closed-circuit rebreather divers. It's the first of its Kind to feature closed-circuit rebreather compatibility. The premium design and materials, combined with the new-superior Suunto fused RGBM, make it the must have instrument for your diving and day-to-day adventures.

At the heart of every Suunto dive computer is an algorithm; the reduced gradient bubble model (RGBM), that calculates decompression for a dive. Suunto has been developing RGBM algorithms together with Dr. Bruce Wienke relentlessly for over a decade. A rich history full of science, development, and underwater experience lies within every Suunto dive computer.

The Suunto Technical RGBM is an advanced algorithm that provides flexibility and safety during ascent through continuous decompression. The DX was created especially to meet the needs of technical divers. It eliminates the need to constantly monitor depth, time, and when to switch gases. All critical data can be provided through this single device. Suunto's fused RGBM takes this one step further. The new Suunto fused RGBM algorithm seamlessly combines the benefits of Suunto's technical RGBM with the latest full RGBM for deep dives and supports dives down to 492' (150 meters). With no input from the diver, Suunto's fused RGBM automatically switches between models to effectively manage the risks of decompression sickness and helps maximize bottom time while minimizing ascent time. Novice divers can use the same Suunto dive computer including Suunto fused RGBM as they advance in their Hobby. The fused RGBM provides a slow continuous ascent from depth so that technical and Deep Divers have shorter total decompression time.

For closed circuit diving the computer has a set point, non-monitoring with dedicated CCR mode. It configures up to 3 different diluents, provides adjustable high and low set points, as well as a custom set point during the dive. It also has a set point that switches at specified depths and also the possibility to switch to open-circuit mode in case of the need to bailout. For all diving, the advanced Suunto fused RGBM for CCR, technical and recreational diving has TRIMIX support, including helium and oxygen, gas switching between 8 gases, and 5 modes that include: CCR, air, mixed gas, gauge and a built-in dive planner.

The DX has a chronograph stopwatch function in time and dive mode. The dive mode is altitude adjustable to 10,000' (3,000 meters), has a 12/24 clock function, dual time, ascent rate monitor alarm, ascent time display, audible alarm, deep stop function, full decompression data, log book memory of approximately 140 hours, maximum depth alarm, personal adjustment features, safety stop function, backlight and displays temperature.

With the built-in dive planner, you can plan gas mixes, test upcoming dives, and view no-decompression limits for different depths before beginning your dive. After your dive, you can easily transfer your dive data to your computer for further analysis using the optional Suunto DM4 software, which includes a detailed logbook featuring a graphical representation of all your dives.

The SUUNTO DX has a 3D digital compass function that provides bearing tracking, cardinal directions, declination setting, guided calibration, headings in degrees and is tilt compensating. An optional wireless tank pressure transmitter is also available to offer tank pressure monitoring (see SKU: SQTVTCT).

The DX is a compact watch style computer that measures 1.94" (49 mm) in diameter with a thickness of 0.68" (17mm) and weighs a mere 3.77 oz. (182 g) with a rubber wrist strap, so you can wear it every day as a timepiece. It is powered by a user replaceable CR2450 lithium battery. The DX comes with a USB cable, quick guide, and dive legal leaflet.

SUUNTO - DX Wrist Computer with USB and Rubber Strap, Silver

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